The Project White Taj, is an open for all contest, which acts as a premise to our flagship architecture competition The Black Taj: An incomplete memory of Mughal Empire.


The aim of the contest is to garner images, details and frames of Mughal architecture in the world, In agra and The Taj. By this endeavor we want to reveal those unsaid/unspoken narratives that are captured by people like us, and can be appreciated by many. This will also spark multiple creative thought processes of watching the same detail/view in different ways. We want you to share your interaction with Mughal Architecture, TAJ Mahal,  Architecture of Agra and your experience with an image (can be more than one in number) along with a caption in maximum 360 characters.


The choice of top 5 best picture + description will be awarded by UNFUSE.


Evaluation of the entries will be based on the following criteria:


          - "The White Taj" is a free and  open for all competition.

          - Entries for the Project White Taj will be evaluated on the basis of public voting on our website by the registered users for The White Taj only.

          - Participants can submit entries till 30th of September

          - The voting period will run till 30th September.

          - Entries will be evaluated 70% on public voting and 30 % on TEAM UNFUSE. Juror Panel's voting.

          - UNFUSE reserves the right to refuse entries that our team will find not relevant to the pertaining theme of the competition.

          - By participating in this competition you declare that the entries submitted by you is yours only.

          - All the entries for UNFUSE "The White Taj" should comply with the general terms and conditions of the website


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