"THE BLACK TAJ" Ideas Competition Submission Form.

Last date for Submission of entries : 29th October 2017 12:00PM GMT

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* By submitting your entries, you agree to follow UNFUSE’s terms and conditions. Only submit your final entries, resubmission will not be entertained.



Obligatory submission guidelines:


1. There are three items obligatory items that need to be submitted in all the entries, failing which the entry may be disqualified/rejected by our server while sorting the entries:

                    a. Maximum Two DIN – A1 presentation boards in digital format. (Jpeg – PDF).

                   b. Questionnaire as attached in the competition brief.

                    c. Cover Image of size 1024 x 410 px or larger in aspect ratio 2.5:1 should be included in the folder.

                    d. Individual Images and graphics used in the sheet or any additional views (for publication purpose only)


2. Participants are encouraged to submit additional materials, such as videos, models or additional textual material however, submission of these contents is not obligatory, nor shall their submission/non-submission will influence the evaluation process. To send the additional materials kindly send it via e-mail or through dropbox/google drive.


3. Please do not include your name or any other Mark of Identification of Sheet. Participant need to mention their Registration no. as the file name as per the given guidelines, failing which the entries will automatically be rejected by the server.


4. Guidelines for naming your entries:

                   a. All the entries with respective materials will have to be submitted in a .zip file.

                   b. .zip file name should be <YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER>

                   c. Following files should be included in the .zip file adhering to the guidelines given below:

                                       i. Presentation board file name: <YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER> Sheet<NUMBER>

                                      ii. Participation form (to be filled by each participant separately) file name: <REGISTRATION NUMBER> <PARTICIPAN NAME>

                                    iii. Questionnaire file name: <YOUR REGISTRAION NUMBER> Questionnaire

                                     iv. Cover Image file name: <YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER> Image <No.>





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