Human brain is the faculty of thoughts, imagination and logic. The ideas it generates are often bases for great innovation or change. These ideas shape the very way we live and evolve. How do great ideas evolve? What inspires the culmination of some great imagination? We have observed the fact that often the processes that go behind a creative and innovative design is the seed for the evolution of great interdisciplinary ideas of the future. Think about it! A fashion designer working in line with biologist to develop a product together or a biotechnology scientist critically analysing a product designer’s work. Tickled your brain enough?


At UNI we are taking this idea further to create a community of designers and creatives across the globe; a platform where all knowledge domains of art, design and engineering will co-exist for learning, imagination and innovation. It aims at providing a safe space for innovative solutions and unconventionally creative thoughts to thrive, thus stimulating the design field even further towards generating great ideas and products.


In future, it would further expand to combine different ideologies by the mean of diverse methodologies for streamlining a final outcome in the form of an open public platform and initiating a dialogue among designers itself. We are aiming to create a continuum which links exploring, debating, collaborating and exchanging of ideas at one place “UNI”, to understand and create “Architecture of Everything”.


UNFUSE Serves as a unit block for UNI in the field of Architecture. It intends to break the fusion of traditional design barriers and methodologies by making it a platform for experimentation and conceptual exchange of ideas in architecture, urbanism, society, culture and ecology. It is a research initiative dedicated to provide opportunities for designers from all domains to explore ideas that go beyond the boundaries of architectural discipline and enrich our built environment; thereby opening up possibilities for promotion of architectural thought at a global level.


Through open ideas competitions at UNFUSE we focus to create a new narrative to the design stories, a platform where participants have full freedom to redefine the design and story of its evolution. Conventional architectural competitions limit full freedom of architectural thought, which we believe hinders free thinking minds. The discerned gap between everyday practice and experimental architectural discourse ought to be filled with detected societal and spatial issues adapted to contemporary living conditions. This new approach towards design would serve in refurbishing the profession’s identity in the domain of built environment. It would, furthermore, draw the attention of both professional and general public to the demand of raising overall spatial awareness.


Our Bi-annual theme serves as an input parameter for all conceptual competitions, and events which will address different program and tasks aligned with the main theme. This bi-annual theme will be determined by the curator(s). The theme will bind all the Competitions, workshops, Poster Presentation, and Call for papers happening in these 2 years. Read more about our Bi-annual theme here.


UNFUSE is aimed primarily for architects and students of architecture, but other designers in similar professions all around the world are encouraged to participate. The call extends to the professionals and students in humanities, design, landscape, urbanism, history, architecture and arts.


A curator is a person primarily working in the field of research, theory and criticism of architecture, acknowledged for progressive approach to the discipline.



-  Devises and proposes the annual theme

-  Proposes the jurors – invites and contacts jurors - in cooperation with organizing committee

-  Prepares the editorial of the annual cycle/ theme

-  Ensures communication with jurors

-  Prepares general comments of all the competitions (based on the general comments of each juror) - brings them in the context of the annual theme

-  Creates a cross-section of the competitions and each individual competition results

-  Produces summary and edits the final annual publication

-  Participates at the annual awards ceremony - Presentation of the annual cycle.


The juror is a professional recognized for his/her strong critical/theoretical and socially aware approach in addressing architectural issues.



-  Communicates and coordinates the activities with the guest curator and other jurors

-  Prepares the brief for the single competition in the form of short essay within the context of the annual theme

-  Evaluates the entries

-  Prepares the announcement and explanation of results

-  Prepares the General Comments of the single competition (to be published on the web and in an annual publication)

-  Participates in the annual awards ceremony - Presentation of the competition.


Entries can be submitted only through the UNFUSE website. Participants need to register prior to submitting the applications. Applications are in digital form according to propositions of each single competition and files are uploaded on the server.


The targeted marketing campaign will ensure the visibility of the program and high response rate to the call of conceptual competitions. The information about the program and about each competition will primarily be distributed through architecturally specialized Internet portals and blogs. Related professional associations and institutions at national, regional, European and global level, as well as higher educational institutions, will regularly receive information about the calls and competition results electronically and by regular air-mail.


Special attention will be paid to the promotion of winning authors and teams through PR activities, on-line presentations and interviews, live streaming of the annual award ceremony and by publishing the annual publication.





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