Time begins, continues and then passes by leaving its marks behind – all the while flowing in a single direction towards eternity. These traces constitute changes in respect to our societal, geological, political and economic environments. But what is time? Is it just a construction of our vivid imagination? When did we start relating our actions with respect to this eternal entity? Why did we imagine the things that we imagined? How is one person’s perception of it different from another? Why do things change through it? Why do our needs and interests change according to it?


Because of time’s many particularities, there is a plethora of possibilities on how to explore it. One can say that with respect to our past, everything from our societal, moral and even aesthetical values have also changed. The development in science and technology has changed our outlook and would definitely change the future as well. What was relevant back then is maybe not relevant right now… or even if it is relevant our perceptions have changed. There are plenty of questions forming in our minds. Maybe being able to bring elements from our present to the past or from the future to the present may help us understand this ever-changing relationship with regards to time.


If so, then what if you get a chance to travel back or forward in time and shape things the way it will suit the timeline? What if you have the chance to infuse those ideas that we have today or travel in future to comprehend our present better?


In the bi-annual theme of UNFUSE, an opportunity is being provided to all the participants to ponder upon all these questions and bring the change that you think is, would have been and will be best for the society. An opportunity to visit back in time or leap into the future to create a new continuum. A multidisciplinary approach to change and influence all that exists in this world irrespective of time. We are devising three platforms to ponder upon this thought.





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